We promise to give great satisfaction to any customer's needs,

from OEM-based order production to professional ODM production that

includes total solutions for development, design, and marketing.

OEM 방식의 주문생산과 개발, 디자인, 마케팅의 토탈 솔루션을

포함하는 전문 ODM 생산까지 고객이 원하시는 어떠한 니즈에 대해서도

큰 만족을 드릴 것을 약속드립니다.


Original Equipment Manufacturing 

고객의 니즈(NEEDS)에 따라 완제품을 생산하여 판매자 상표를 부착, 납품하는 수탁 생산방식입니다.
It is a consignment production method in which finished products are

produced according to the customer's NEEDS,

and the seller's trademark is requested and delivered.


Original Development & Design Manufacturing

상품의 기획, 개발, 생산, 품질관리 및 출하까지의 전 과정에 대한 서비스를 제공하는 자체 개발 주문 방식입니다.

It is a self-developed ordering method that provides services

for the entire process from product planning,

development, production, quality control, and shipment.

"Dear Valued Customer,
OEM & ODM Service, contact us directly"

Our OEM ODM Partner

RLOHA  Adaline Yoon 

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